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5-Card Draw Rules

General Strategic Considerations


Betting and Drawing

Drawing: see 5-card deal and drawing probabilities spreadsheet
“Standing Pat” (i.e. drawing no cards)
Generally a monster (2-pair or better), a pair of QQ+ or a bluff.

1 card
2 pair, trips + kicker, straight and/or flush draw, nothing at all

2 cards
1 pair + kicker, trips, “idiot draws”

3 cards
1 pair, high cards

4 cards (must show the Ace)
Odds and Outs Calculations (5-Card Draw calculators)

General Statistics

5-Card Hands (High)

5-Card Hands # Hands in 5 Cards Probability (as a %) Odds Against
Royal Flush 4 0.000% 649,739 : 1
Straight Flush 36 0.001% 72,192 : 1
Four of a Kind 624 0.024% 4,164 : 1
Full House 3,744 0.144% 693 : 1
Flush 5,108 0.197% 508 : 1
Straight 10,200 0.392% 254 : 1
Three of a Kind 54,912 2.113% 46 : 1
Two Pair 123,552 4.754% 20 : 1
One Pair 1,098,240 42.257% 1.4 : 1
No Hand 1,302,540 50.118% 0.9953 : 1
Total 2,598,960 100.0%



Starting-Hands Ranges




Post-Flop Play





Starting-Hands Recommendations (“ranges”)

Full-Ring (i.e. 5-6 players) Starting Hands Recommendations


4-Max Starting Hands Recommendations


Heads-Up Starting Hands Recommendations




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