7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud: Ace door card

Although 7-Card Stud has greatly dropped in the global poker-game popularity contest since the boom of Texas Hold ’em at the turn of the 21st century, it remains the game-of-choice in many home games (especially in the States). Due to televised and more-broadly marketed HORSE poker tournaments, 7-Stud currently finds itself in a popularity up-swing. Most major online casinos offer all variants of “Triple Stud” (see below), and it’s a very lucrative game for experts in 7-Card Stud cash game strategy at most brick-and-mortar casinos these days … especially due to the many recreational players looking to “try their luck” at something new.

If you learn the information on our advanced poker-strategy pages, our blogs, and especially the Essential Poker Knowledge video series on 7-Card Stud, you’ll be the dominate player at almost all home games and the great majority of low- and middle-stakes games both online and live. For general starting hands recommendations and additional street-specific strategies, see the poker-strategy shop.

Tips for Increasing Your Win-Rate in 7-Card Stud

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  • Always adhere to bankroll management (have approximately  300 to 350 “big bets” in your total allotted “risk capital”).
  • Minimum stack size per table: at least 17 big bets: 25bb recommendation
  • Fixed-limit (FL) 7-Stud (if capped each round): 4x small bet (sb) on 3rd and 4th + 4x big bet (bb) on 5th-7th = 16 bbs (not including the ante per round, which is typically 10%-50% of the big bet).
  • FL Hold ‘em = 12 bbs maximum per pot when capped
  • Review bluff success table & villain’s respective pot odds (generally very little fold equity in fixed-limit games)
  • If you are going to get out of the hand, do so on 5th street at the latest.
  • A “big hand” = three-of-a-kind (i.e. “trips” or a “set”) or better: “JJs up” or better (i.e. two pair with the top pair being a pair of JJs or higher) are often also good enough to take down the pot at a showdown (barring Q, K or A up-cards in your opponent’s hands).
  • Review the information provided on the pages above as well as the Essential Poker Knowledge video sub-series on 7 Stud.
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  • All live players should definitely review the free videos on poker tells and non-verbal communication:
  • Never watch the board or look at your pocket cards when the cards are being dealt … watch your opponents!
  • Against “unknowns,” sit to the left of the player with the most chips.

7-Card Stud Basics


General 7-Card Stud Statistics

7-Card Stud (High)

5-Card Hands # of Hands in Seven Cards Probability (as a %) Odds Against
Royal Flush 4,324 0.003% 30,939 : 1
Straight Flush 37,260 0.028% 3,590 : 1
Four of a Kind 224,848 0.168% 594 : 1
Full House 3,473,184 2.596% 38 : 1
Flush 4,047,644 3.025% 32 : 1
Straight 6,180,020 4.619% 21 : 1
Three of a Kind 6,461,620 4.830% 20 : 1
Two Pair 31,433,400 23.496% 3.3 : 1
One Pair 58,627,800 43.823% 1.3 : 1
No Hand 23,294,460 17.412% 4.7 : 1
Total 133,784,560 100.0%

Source: www.durangobill.com/Poker_Probabilities_7_Cards.html


3-Card Hands # Hands in 3 Cards % Odds
Straight Flush 48 0.217% 460 : 1
Three of a Kind 52 0.235% 424 : 1
Straight 720 3.258% 30 : 1
Flush 1,096 4.959% 19 : 1
One Pair 3,744 16.941% 5 : 1
No Hand (2-Jack) 6,720 30.407% 2.3 : 1
No Hand (Queen-Ace) 9,720 43.982% 1.3 : 1
Total 22,100 100.0%

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_card_poker#Hand_Ranks_of_Three_Card_Poker

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