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Stud 8 rules & overview

General Strategic Considerations

Implied odds, player profiling, loose/tight games, full-ring or short-handed
The greater the number of players dealt a hand, and the greater the number of players seeing 4th and 5th street, the better the hand you’ll need to win. Fold equity in fixed-limit games is already very low, but as players in the hand increase, fold equity becomes even lower … almost non-existent.

A combination of 7-Stud High and Razz with the following exceptions:
Lowest hand qualifier: 8 or better (i.e. A2349 is a high hand)
Straights and flushes can be declared a high and a low hand (up to an 8 high)
Position: high-hand opens from 4th Street to River: low hands are IP
“Scooping”: best high hand vs. no low hands, best high and low hands or being the last man standing
Getting “Quartered” (less likely than in “Omaha8”)

Heads-Up Pots
Generally, only play hands you can scoop with or play for the High when a low hand (due to the 8-high qualifier) isn’t possible/likely.
Playing w/solely the nut low is often only good for the house (split – rake).Play hands capable of only splitting with the “nut low” solely in multi-way pots.

Play hands capable of only splitting with the “nut low” solely in multi-way pots.
Skillfully inflate multi-way pots with the low nuts! Keep the highs in the hand.
When in doubt, only play for the high or low “locks”

Use deceptive up-cards to your advantage. Examples:
AxAy2y is arguably the 3-card nuts in Stud8 or AAA vs. high doors; but rolled-up 9s are 61% ahead of A23ccc & 73% ahead of AA2hcc!
Any monster high or low hands (e.g. rolled-up or Aww-suited) & combos
“Wheel”: A45 (when 2- or 3-suited & no dead outs, you’re much stronger)
3-suited and even 2-suited 6-highs with an Ace (maybe w/7 or 8)
2-suited, connected and a low pair: 5h5c4c
3- or 2-suited 8-high run-downs: 8h7h6h, 3c4c5c (especially w/live outs)
Speculative high-only hands should be played with caution: JT9s or QJTs

Starting Hands Ranges (Full Ring: 6-8 Players)

3rd Street

“Rolled up” (i.e. being dealt trips on 3rd Street) is still the 3-card nutsSee all 7-Stud high-hand and Razz suggestions
Remember: the lowest up-hand is in position on 4th-River, i.e. last to act … inspect Stud8 links here for validity of their recommendations

[3-card low-hand probabilities (table)]

4rd Street

5th Street

Look at runners and check/calling down
Big bets (2x the small bet)

Avoid 2-card draws on 5th street

6th Street

Look at one-card draws

7th Street — a.k.a “The River”

Calling down and respective equity needed to do so

[5-card hands dealt in 7 cards (table)]



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