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Defining Preflop Bet Types and Recommended Bet-Sizing

Note: The recommended bet sizing for each bet type is in red.
See the videos below for a detailed explanation

1bet: posting the big blind (BB) or making the first bet postflop

Limp: just calling the big-blind amount

2bet (first raise): 3-4 BBs + 1 BB per limper; postflop raises depend on the size of the first bet, on the total pot size at the point of your move, your opponents and board texture.

Cold Call: just calling the 2bet amount (often referred to as a flat or smooth call or flatting; Hold’em Manager lists this statistic as call open.)

3bet (reraise): 3 x 2bet amount + 1 per cold-caller

4bet: (re-reraise): 2.5-3.5 x 3bet amount + 1 per 3bet caller

5bet: (re-re-reraise): often an all-in when you’re not effectively super-deep sacked

Isolation Raise after limpers: 3-4 BBs + 1 BB per limper

Isolation Raise after an open-raiser: 3bet bet sizing

Squeeze: a 3bet after an open raiser and one or more cold callers3 x 2bet amount + 1 per cold-caller

Steal: an open raise, i.e., a 2bet without previous limpers, from the cut-off (CO), button (BU) or small blind (SB) positions—3-3.5 BBs from the CO, 2.5-3BBs from the BU; 3-4.5 BBs in the SB

Re-Steal: a 3bet vs. a steal (see 3bet bet sizing) and our steals calculator

Blind Battles: when all players fold except for those in the blinds

Poker Bet Types: Equity Calculations and Bet Sizing—Part 2 (No-Limit)

Poker Bet Types: Equity Calculations and Bet Sizing—Part 5 (Fixed-Limit)

Defining Postflop Bet Types and Recommended Bet-Sizing

Pot-size raise formula: current pot + 2x the amount to call

This bet size always gives the player to act after you 2:1 odds, i.e., s/he needs 33% equity to make the call if going all-in or a 33% probability of hitting the flop or completing a draw post-flop.

  • Open raise ex.: 1.5 for the blinds, 1 to call: your max pot-size raise = 3.5 BBs
  • Flop raise ex.: pot = 8 BBs, SB bets 6BBs –> your raise size = (8+6)+(2*6) = 26 BBs

Continuation bets: “Cbets” on the flop, turn (2nd barrel) and river (3rd barrel)—2/3 pot size in general, ~½ pot on “dry boards”

Donk bets: “stop-n-gos” are when you cold call preflop and then bet into the last preflop aggressor postflop.

Block bets: betting small (typically on the river) in order to avoid having to fold to a larger bet: 1/3 to 1/2 pot size

“Fold-equity” you need (i.e., the percentage of the time your opponent(s) must fold) in order for you to break even (your bluff bet is expressed as a fraction of total pot size) and the pot odds the villain is getting with his or her respective equity required in order to make the call and at least break even in the long run:

Your Bluff Size & Fold Equity Needed to Break-Even Villain’s Pot-Odds & Equity (e.g., the probability of completing a draw) Needed to Make the Call
1/4 Pot 20.0% 5 : 1 16.7%
1/3 Pot 25.0% 4 : 1 20.0%
1/2 Pot 33.3% 3 : 1 25.0%
2/3 Pot 40.0% 2.5 : 1 28.6%
3/4 Pot 43.0% 2.33 : 1 30.3%
1 Pot 50.0% 2 : 1 33.3%
2 Pot 67.0% 1.5 : 1 40.0%
3 Pot 75.0% 1.33 : 1 43.5%
4 Pot 80.0% 1.25 : 1 44.4%

Strategy Recap and What’s to Come for Our Members

Betting strategies and tactics are a card shark’s primary weapons at the table and crucial for your long-term profit. In general, let your position, your holding, the type or style of players at your table and the respective stack sizes guide your decisions when faced with a check, bet, raise or rereaise. Above you’ve learned about the different bet types, but on the following two advanced-betting strategy pages, you’ll see how to adjust the amount you bet in relation to the pot as well as how to approach hands with regard to entire “lines of play” from pre-flop to the river. Enjoy!

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