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General Strategic Considerations



Starting-Hands Recommendations (“Ranges”)

Full-Ring Starting Hands Recommendations


6-Max Starting Hands Recommendations


Betting/Lines of Play per Position


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Strategy Recap and What’s to Come for Our Members

The fixed-limit Omaha high and Omaha 8 strategies …

Especially when playing online poker where you can play multiple tables, begin with no more than four deep-stack tables at a time, focus on player profiling and in-position play, and most importantly, when playing big pots, only do so with big hands (top set and nut wrap and combo high/low draws). When drawing, only draw to the nuts in most cases. When using the big-stack strategy, if you don’t buy back up to 100 BBs per table, you will be in situations where your stack size drops, which decreases the implied odds you can expect when playing speculative hands. In tournaments, your stack size will necessarily fluctuate, which is why understanding short-stacked and mid-stacked play is crucial for optimal play in various phases of poker tournaments.

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Poker Tracking and Equity Analysis Software for Online Play

Holdem Manager (My personal favorite online poker-tracking software for Texas Hold ’em)

Omaha Manager (My personal favorite online poker-tracking software for Omaha)

Sit-and-Go Wizard (a must-have for all serious SnG players and very useful for MTT pros)