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General Strategic Considerations

In Omaha 8, a.k.a. Omaha Hi(gh)/Lo(w), be mindful of the “8-high qualifier” for the low hand, Especially in home games, clarify if Aces can be played both “high and low” and if straights and flushes can only be “high hands.”
“Scooping”: best high hand vs. no low hands, best high and low hands or being the last man standing
Getting “Quartered”: splitting ½ of the pot with an identical high or low hand

Starting Hand Types

Absolute nuts is AxAy2x3y in Omaha High/Low
See above for Omaha High hands (and read PLO—Big Play Stategy 😉
Heads-Up Pots:
Generally, only play hands you can scoop with or play for the High when a low hand (due to the 8-high qualifier) isn’t possible.
Playing w/only the nut low is often only good for the house (split – rake).
Play hands only capable of splitting with the “nut low hand” in multi-way pots.
Skillfully inflate multi-way pots with the low nuts!: keep highs in the hand
General Tip: Fold most hands that don’t have a suited Ace + 2 or 3
“Suited Ace + Wheel,” 2-suited low Aces & 2-suited Aces + 1 pair are strong
2-suited wheel Aces, low Ace + broadway pair: AxAy2x5y, Ax2yTxTy
2-suited/connected broadway + potential nut low: Ah2hKdQd
Good boards = JhTh9c or 3h4h6d or 3-8 rainbow; A45r=long shot!
345 flop = “wheel”, but will only split vs. a 67 and also vs. flopped sets of 3s, 4s or 5s that make the full house. You can also “get quartered” here vs every other A2xx hand.
2-suited/connected low Ace or 2-suited Ace+pair: 5c4c3hAh, 5c5h4hAc
2-suited “low run-downs” and “1-gappers”: 5s4s3h2h, 6s5s4h2h
2-suited, 2-paired, low max-stretch connector: 5h5d4h4d (speculative!)
Good boards = A23 or 236 rainbow, but be very careful here!
45A board here is only middle set for you without a low hand!
“Up-and-Down and Mid-Range Shockers/Trash”: JsTs5c4c (often a fold)
Miracle boards = AKQ, 987, 32A, 632 rainbow & 9s8s3c, 9s3c2c
Be very cautious when drawing to flushes and low hands here!
Cautious on turn/river if T, A or pair hits after KQ9, Q98 & 876 flops


Starting-Hands Recommendations (“Ranges”)

Full-Ring Starting Hands Recommendations


6-Max Starting Hands Recommendations


Betting/Lines of Play per Position


Post-Flop Play





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Strategy Recap and What’s to Come for Our Members

The fixed-limit Omaha 8 (Omaha high/low) strategies …

Especially when playing online poker where you can play multiple tables, begin with no more than four deep-stack tables at a time, focus on player profiling and in-position play, and most importantly, when playing big pots, only do so with big hands (top set and nut wrap and combo high/low draws). When drawing, only draw to the nuts in most cases. When using the big-stack strategy, if you don’t buy back up to 100 BBs per table, you will be in situations where your stack size drops, which decreases the implied odds you can expect when playing speculative hands. In tournaments, your stack size will necessarily fluctuate, which is why understanding short-stacked and mid-stacked play is crucial for optimal play in various phases of poker tournaments.

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