True poker pros are highly skilled in all aspects of the game, and although there are many “good players” out there who only have a relatively limited understanding of the mathematical basis of the game, to become a “great player,” you must also have a solid foundation in at least the most-important aspects of poker math.

Poker Math Made Easy: Key Information

Lucky for you, we’ve condensed the key concepts in an easily understandable form with numerous practical examples in the video playlist above. This series contains the fundamental knowledge of all “expert poker players,” which is now yours … completely free of charge!

Series outline:

  1. Bankroll management
  2. Equity (EQ) and expected value (EV)
  3. Position, pot odds and break-even equity
  4. Statistics—all you need to know and track
  5. Optimal stats and starting-hands charts for Texas Hold ’em cash games and tournaments (full-ring, 6 max & heads-up)

As daunting or unattractive as it might sound, there’s no way around a little study to take your game to the next level. Many recreational poker players and even some seasoned players can markedly improve their results in live and online card rooms with only limited effort and a few key pointers. If you want to increase your mathematical edge, click the button below to get a downloadable PDF file consisting of over 30 pages of key preflop and postflop Texas Holdem statistics and tables, which are presented in a user-friendly format that you can also print out and use during real-time play at online casinos:

Increase Your Edge Now With This Texas Holdem Key-Stats Package

In addition to the videos above, be sure to also sign up for our free 12-week advanced poker-strategy course, and check out the informational links below as well as our recommended poker literature and free poker resources pages.

General Poker Principles

Pot odds
Poker Odds & Expected Value (EV)
Poker Strategy Overview at Wikipedia
Poker Terms
Player Profiling: Poker Player Classifications
Holdem Manager Stats Definitions for Various Bet Types

Game Theory Overview

Game Theory
Nash Equilibria
Strategic Dominance
Expected Value

Free Online Poker Resources and Equity Analysis Programs

Equity match-ups for hands and ranges as well as probability calculators:

Pro Poker Tools (free equity analyses for multiple game types)
Poker Stove: Free Texas Hold’em Equity Software and Analysis

Tournament Equity, Optimal Push/Fold “Nash” Ranges and Players’ Online Results

Official Poker Rankings (player ratings based on online poker tournament results) ICM Nash Calculator ICM Equity Calculator
ICM Poker – Online ICM Calculator

Brilliant ICM Calculator for open pushing/shoving, re-stealing and calling all-in based on “chip expected value” (cEV) and the the independent chip-modelling system (ICM) … a must-have in lack of SnG Wizard:
2+2 Forum Link for the “PushBot” Excel Workbook from JITxpert
Direct Download Link (“PushBot”) at Mediafire
Direct Download Link (“PushBot Instruction Manual”) at Mediafire

Pro Poker Tracking and Equity Software for Texas Holdem and Omaha: Cash Games and Tournaments (MTTs & SnGs)

Holdem Manager 2: Pro Poker Tracking SoftwareHoldem Manager 2: Pro Poker Tracking Software

We recommend Holdem Manager’s best-value product HM2 Pro Combo for both Texas Holdem and Omaha. If you’re strictly an Omaha player, get the separate Omaha Manager program here (just click “OM2” in their top menu).

We use the Sit-and-Go Wizard (a must-have for all serious SnG players and very useful for MTT pros) that’s directly integrated into the Holdem Manager program. If you’re strictly a SnG or MTT player, you can also purchase it separately by clicking the banner below.

The SitNGo Wizard