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As Texas Holdem is still the most popular form of poker played today, we made it the main focus of our free 12-week advanced poker strategy course. The international popularity of Hold ’em has become so great that many people believe poker is Texas Holdem. Even in the States today, if you tell friends that you’re going to host a poker home game , 90% of the time, the only question in their minds is if there will be a Hold ’em tournament before hours of cash-game play. 20 years ago, even recreational players would ask you “what type of poker” will be played: i.e., dealer’s choice 7-Card Stud and 5-Card Draw/Stud cash games and maybe a few rounds of Holdem and Omaha … to mix it up.

Given all the hype surrounding the game, there are many huge misconceptions and a ton of incorrect and/or useless information flying around the web. We debunk many of these poker myths in our blogs and condense the essential poker knowledge you’ll need for optimal play in poker-strategy articles and videos.

There are numerous approaches to Texas Hold ’em, which can all be equally valid and profitable in different playing conditions. In order to properly understand it all and correctly utilize it in your game, a little background information and advice is needed. Definitely start watching the free Essential Poker Knowledge video series after you review the following Texas Holdem overview and the fundamentals of betting in poker (bet types, pot manipulation, and lines of play).

If you’re looking to become a Holdem cash-game expert as fast as possible, we recommend the following four downloadable products so that you’ll know which hands to play per position (with either a tighter TAG or looser LAG style), exactly how to calculate your odds, and what your equity is vs. your opponent’s exact hand and estimated ranges:

  1. Starting hands charts for Texas Holdem cash games
  2. Texas Holdem equities in preflop hand matchups
  3. Texas Holdem equities in preflop hand matchups
  4. Preflop and postflop equity and odds calculators for poker cash games


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The rest of this page serves as a Texas Holdem strategy hub with links to the rules of the game, basic Holdem strategy and principles, which are the foundation of becoming a true poker expert. Again, we cover advanced Texas Holdem cash game strategies and tactics in great detail in the 12-week course—feel free to sign up at any time.

Texas Hold ’em Basics

Texas Hold ’em General Statistics

The following 5-card hand probabilities and odds against are what you can expect to see over the long run at the Holdem tables. For the exact details, see: get the downloadable Texas Holdem statistics overview PDF.

5-Card Hands (High) in Seven Cards:

5-Card Hands # of Hands in Seven Cards Probability (as a %) Odds Against
Royal Flush 4,324 0.003% 30,939 : 1
Straight Flush 37,260 0.028% 3,590 : 1
Four of a Kind 224,848 0.168% 594 : 1
Full House 3,473,184 2.596% 38 : 1
Flush 4,047,644 3.025% 32 : 1
Straight 6,180,020 4.619% 21 : 1
Three of a Kind 6,461,620 4.830% 20 : 1
Two Pair 31,433,400 23.496% 3.3 : 1
One Pair 58,627,800 43.823% 1.3 : 1
No Hand 23,294,460 17.412% 4.7 : 1
Total 133,784,560 100.0%

Source: www.durangobill.com/Poker_Probabilities_7_Cards.html


Hole-card combinations 1,326 with a two-card hand
Pair 6 combinations X (13 pairs) = 78
Non-pair * 16 combinations x (78 specific ranks) = 1248
Non-pair suited 4 combinations x (78 specific ranks) = 312
Non-pair unsuited 12 combinations x (78 specific ranks) = 936
* Note : When dealt AK, you are 75% more likely to have it off-suited than suited.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_probability_%28Texas_hold_%27em%29


The probability of being dealt… Probability Odds
AA (any specific pair) 0.45% 220 : 1
AA, KK, or QQ 1.36% 72.7 : 1
AA – TT (i.e. TT+) 2.26% 43.2 : 1
TT – 22 4.07% 23.5 : 1
AK (specific non-pair) 1.21% 81.9 : 1
AKo (off-suited cards) 0.90% 110 : 1
AKs (specific suited) 0.30% 331 : 1
AKs, KQs, QJs, JTs 1.21% 81.9 : 1
Suited Ten or higher 3.02% 32.2 : 1
Connected T or higher 4.83% 19.7 : 1
Any 2 cards rank Q-A 4.98% 19.1 : 1
Any 2 cards rank J-A 9.05% 10.1 : 1
Any 2 cards rank T-A 14.30% 5.98 : 1

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_probability_%28Texas_hold_%27em%29

Tips for Increasing Your Win-Rate in Texas Hold ’em

  • Fixed-Limit Hold ’em: have approximately  300 to 350 “big bets” in your total allotted “risk capital” (i.e. all the money you are willing to risk playing poker)
  • No-Limit/Pot-Limit Hold ’em: have approximately 25 full-ring buy-ins and 50 6-max buy-ins for the respective cash-game level you regularly play.
  • You should not play in games whose buy-ins exceed the above amounts for your current bankroll.
  • “Discount outs” when drawing to straights on a 2-suited board or to flushes on a paired board.
  • Diligently take mental notes on your opposition’s play and respective “poker images.”
  • Review the information provided on the pages above as well as the Essential Poker Knowledge video sub-series on Texas Hold ’em.
  • Anyone who plays in live games should definitely review the free videos on poker tells and non-verbal communication:
  • Never watch the board or look at your pocket cards when the cards are being dealt … watch your opponents!
  • Against “unknowns,” sit to the left of the player with the most chips.
  • Sit right of weak tight-aggressive players (TAGs) and left of loose aggressive players (LAGs/maniacs).

Again, Texas Hold’em is a vast game and there’s no way to explain all components of it on one page, so use the links above as a guide to strengthening your play in all forms and aspects of this amazing game. For access to our advanced poker strategy lessons, drop your name and email in the right sidebar near the top of this page, and they will be emailed to you directly.

 consisting of:(19,600 3-Card Combinations) Making on flop Making by turn Making by river
Prob. Odds Prob. Odds Prob. Odds
Three or more of same suit 5.177% 18.3 : 1 13.522% 6.40 : 1 23.589% 3.24 : 1
Four or more of same suit 1.056% 93.7 : 1 3.394% 28.5 : 1
Rainbow flop (all different suits) 39.765% 1.51 : 1 10.550% 8.48 : 1
Three cards of consecutive rank (but not four consecutive) 3.475% 27.8 : 1 11.820% 7.46 : 1 25.068% 2.99 : 1
Four cards to a straight (but not five) 3.877% 24.8 : 1 18.991% 4.27 : 1
3+ cards of consecutive rank and same suit 0.217% 459 : 1 0.869% 114 : 1 2.172% 45.0 : 1
Three of a kind (not a full house/four of a kind) 0.235% 424 : 1 0.935% 106 : 1 2.128% 46 : 1
A pair (not 2-pair or three or four of a kind) 16.941% 4.90 : 1 30.417% 2.29 : 1 42.450% 1.36 : 1
Two pair (but not a full house) 1.037% 95.4 : 1 4.716% 20.2 : 1


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