If you haven’t already done so, definitely read the following pages first (in the order listed below), as the information provided there is crucial for properly understanding this tournament strategy: starting-hands ranges and respective percentages for Texas Hold ’em, equity and expected value (EV) and many other fundamental concepts you’ll need to become a card shark in the shortest amount of time:

  1. Texas Hold ‘em (Cash Games)
  2. Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy Article #1: Short-Stack Strategy (SSS)
  3. Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy Article #2: Poker Betting Strategies
  4. Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy Article #3: Big-Stack Strategy (BSS)
  5. Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy Article #4: Deep-Stack Strategy (DSS)
  6. Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy Article #5: Mid-Stack Strategy (MSS)

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Sit-and-Go Tournament Strategy: Theoretical Overview (Also Pertains to DoNs)

Double-or-Nothing Tournament Strategy: Real-Time Sessions


General Strategic Considerations

Player Types: Statistics (see poker-strategy blog for details)


Key Statistics


Starting-Hands Ranges




Post-Flop Play






Starting-Hands Recommendations (“ranges”)

Full-Ring Starting Hands Recommendations

6-Max Starting Hands Recommendations

Heads-Up Starting Hands Recommendations


See poker-strategy blog and of course in the Essential Poker Knowledge videos for additional details and clarification on the following content.

Additional Resources


Strategy Recap and What’s to Come for Our Members

Among all forms of tournaments, strategies for DoNs and by far the most straight forward. Again, they are also dependent on the phase of the tournament, the players at your table and the respective stack sizes, and the bubble factor is also a crucial component in your decision making as you approach the ITM positions.


Other Useful Tools for Maximizing Your Profit


Poker Tracking and Equity Analysis Software for Online Play

Holdem Manager (My personal favorite online poker-tracking software for Texas Hold ’em)

Omaha Manager (My personal favorite online poker-tracking software for Omaha)

Sit-and-Go Wizard (a must-have for all serious SnG players and very useful for MTT pros)



The SitNGo Wizard