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Below you’ll find an extensive list of additional pro poker resources (most of which are free of charge). Also be sure to see our recommended poker books and movies page for your game of choice.


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Free Poker Resources and Equity Analysis Programs

Equity match-ups for hands and ranges and pre/post-flop probability calculators:

Pro Poker Tools (free equity analyses for multiple game types)
Poker Stove: Free Texas Hold’em Equity Software and Analysis

Tournament Equity, Optimal Push/Fold “Nash” Ranges:

How to calculate “fold equity” in Texas Hold ’em tournaments ICM Nash Calculator ICM Equity Calculator

Official Poker Rankings (player ratings based on online poker tournament results)

Independent chip modelingICM Poker – Online ICM Calculator

Essential Poker Principles

Bet Types, Lines of Play and Pot Manipulation
Pot odds

Poker strategy overview at Wikipedia
Poker terms glossary
Player profiling: game theory overview of poker player classifications

Game Theory & Poker Math

Game Theory
Expected value (EV)
Strategic dominance
Nash Equilibria

Pro Poker Tracking and Equity Software for Texas Holdem and Omaha: Cash Games and Tournaments (MTTs & SnGs)

Holdem Manager 2: Pro Poker Tracking SoftwareHoldem Manager 2: Pro Poker Tracking Software

We recommend Holdem Manager’s best-value product HM2 Pro Combo for both Texas Holdem and Omaha. If you’re strictly an Omaha player, get the separate Omaha Manager program here (just click “OM2” in their top menu).

We use the Sit-and-Go Wizard (a must-have for all serious SnG players and very useful for MTT pros) that’s directly integrated into the Holdem Manager program. If you’re strictly a SnG or MTT player, you can also purchase it separately by clicking the banner below.

The SitNGo Wizard