Everyone who wants to become a very strong poker player in the shortest amount of time is welcome to scroll down and watch the Essential Poker Knowledge videos of The Art of Poker coaching series, completely free of charge! Poker-strategy videos on specific concepts and tactics are also published on individual pages (mouse-over the Videos menu item above to view all currently published videos).

These Essential Poker Knowledge videos consist of around 40 hours of advanced poker strategy made easy. With only a week of your time, you’ll be armed with enough information, practical tips, and tricks of the trade to give even some pros a run for their money.

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After watching all the EPK videos, you’ll be a Winner In A Week, cable of beating up to 90% of all the competition you’ll face in cash games and tournaments, and dominate the great majority of home games. Below is the Essential Poker Knowledge videos outline, followed by all the free videos we’ve published to date. Enjoy!

  • Poker Math Made Easy (FREE!)
    1. Bankroll Management
    2. Equity and Expected Value
    3. Position, Pot Odds and Break-Even Equity
    4. Statistics—All You Need to Know & Track
    5. Optimal Stats and Starting Hands Charts (Texas Hold ’em Full-Ring, 6max & Heads-Up Games)
  • Bet Types, Pot Manipulation, Moves and Lines of Play (FREE!)
    1. Pre-Flop Bet-Sizing (no-limit & pot-limit), Pot Odds and Equity
    2. Post-flop: “Lines” and Pot-Manipulation Strategies
    3. No-Limit Hold ‘em: Multiple Full-Ring and 6-max Example-Hands
  • Texas Holdem Cash-Game Strategies (videos to be published in the future)
  1. Comprehensive Overview of Cash-Game Play: No-Limit & Fixed-Limit Principles
  2. Short-Stack Strategy (SSS)
  3. Big-Stack (BSS) and Deep-Stack Strategies (DSS)
  4. Hybrid Strategy (a combination of the SSS & BSS when “mid-stacked”)
  5. High-Stakes No-Limit Hold ‘em: Online Full-Ring Game Commentary
  • Pot-Limit Omaha Cash-Game Strategies (videos to be published in the future)
    1. Pot-Limit Omaha (High) Essentials (with a General Comparison to Hold ‘em)
    2. Full-Ring Pot-Limit & Fixed-Limit Omaha8 (High/Low) Strategies
    3. High-Stakes Pot-Limit Omaha: Online Full-Ring Game Commentary
  • Poker Tournaments: SnGs, DoNs and MTTs in Texas Hold ‘em (videos to be published in the future)
    1. Comprehensive Overview of Tournament Play and Principles
    2. Sit-and-Go Tournaments: Phases, Stats and Ranges (brief Double-or-Nothing overview)
    3. Multi-Table Tournaments: Phases, Stats, Ranges and Final-Table Deals
  • 7-Card Stud Cash-Game Strategies (videos to be published in the future)
    1. Comprehensive Overview of 7-Stud High Fixed-Limit Play
    2. Full-Ring 7-Stud Online Session & Commentary
    3. Razz (7-Stud Low): Comprehensive Overview
    4. Full-Ring Razz Online Session & Commentary
    5. Stud8 (7-Stud High/Low): The Essentials and Pit-Falls
    6. Triple-Stud: Comprehensive Stats and Fixed-Limit Draws Overview
  • 5-Card Draw/Stud Cash-Game Strategies (videos to be published in the future)
    1. 5-Card Draw (high & low)
    2. 5-Card Stud (high & low)
    3. Full-Ring Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw Online Session & Commentary
  • Series Conclusion & Parting Gifts: “Empty your cup” … and enjoy! (to be published in the future)