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In this inaugural blog, we provide you with access to FREE poker tools and key statistics per game type. Our primary goal is to make you successful in your favorite poker game in the shortest amount of time and introduce you to “The Art of Poker,” a path of multiple utilities both on and off the felt.

The term “utilities” in game theory generally refers to any “desired outcome,” which doesn’t have to mean “profit,” but as is often the case at the poker tables and in life, having fun is even better when you can make money doing it!

You have free access to a lot of our content right now: including poker-strategy articles, Essential Poker Knowledge videos and blogs, poker resources per game type (game overviews, stats, strategy and tactics) and recommended poker literature and movies. Winner In A Week members also receive free exclusive access to numerous poker tools, printable charts, respective starting hands ranges per position, a free subscription to our periodic Take It Down! newsletter and much more.

Free Poker-Strategy Articles for Everyone

The pages of our poker-strategy section have been published in the following order very consciously. Please review the first four sections in exactly this order, prior to viewing the game-specific pages. In this way, you’ll get the most out of the respective sections pertaining to the various game types. The page on “poker tells” will help you “read” people in general, i.e., show you how to distinguish honesty from deception based on verbal and non-verbal communication (body language), both at the poker tables and in life.

  1. Bankroll Management
  2. Poker Math: The Essentials Made Easy
  3. Bet Types, Pot Manipulation, Moves and Lines of Play
  4. Poker Tells and “Reading” Opponents
  5. Texas Hold ‘em (cash games)
  6. Omaha: PLO and Omaha 8 (cash games)
  7. 7-Card Stud: High, Razz and Stud 8 (cash games)
  8. 5-Card Poker (cash games)
  9. Tournaments

Online Poker Bonus and “Rakeback” Deals

Please also feel free to check out the bonus and rakeback offers at various online casinos that we have set up for you.

The Poker-Strategy Shop

In addition to our free offer you’ll find numerous cash-game and tournament poker tools for increasing your bankroll both at the live and online poker tables.

Poker-Coaching Videos

In addition to poker-coaching session recordings of real-money games at online casinos, we have produced a series of theoretical videos entitled “Essential Poker Knowledge” (to be launched at this site in the near future), which are specifically designed to turn even novice and recreational players into future sharks … within a week! After seeing these videos, you’ll have a sound theoretical foundation and practical knowledge that will enable you to dominate up to 90% of all of the competition you’ll face at the low and middle limits and as well as the great majority of home games.

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Until the official launch of this poker-strategy video series, visit our FREE YouTube channel to watch multiple excerpts on various poker topics that will help you increase your bankroll today.


If you have any questions pertaining to the content of this site or the upcoming blog posts, or if you have any specific topics you would like to us to cover, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re looking forward to working with you and your friends and are always grateful for your feedback and comments.

Until next time … best of luck both on and off the felt!

The “Carder” Brothers

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