• Cash Game Equity and Odds Calculators

Cash Game Equity and Odds Calculators

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Dominate at the Texas Hold'em poker tables with these automated cash game equity and odds calculators. You'll see your pot odds and expected value (EV) for every move you make .

They provide the info you need to make statistically accurate decisions in every hand: pot odds for calling, expected value (EV) for raising or going all-in, and much more! See below for all the details.

Product Description

Maximize your edge with these Texas Holdem cash game equity and odds calculators for no-limit and fixed-limit play.

  • Automated calculators for immediately determining your relative standing at the table and making optimal decisions on the fly:
    • Big blinds in your stack
    • Pot odds and expected value (EV) calculators for when you move all-in
    • Steals calculators based on adjustable bet sizes and assumed fold equities from the players in the small blind and big blind
  • One entire sheet is tailored for big-stack play and a separate sheet for short-stack play, which includes the recommended short-stack strategy ranges.
  • Bluffing tables for determining how often your opposition has to fold for you to make money on the move

These Cash Game Equity and Odds Calculators Also Include the Following Key Statistics for Texas Hold ’em

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