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Omaha Holdem Casino Prep Kit

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Take down huge pots in live and online card rooms with this Omaha Holdem Casino Prep Kit for PLO, fixed-limit Omaha (high) and Omaha 8 (Omaha hi/lo split).

The total value of this product is over US$149, but you can it download right now for only US$77 … a discount of over 50%!

Product Description

The only way to “beat the house” at a casino is to play poker. Many recreational poker players and even some seasoned players can markedly improve their results in live and online card rooms with only limited study and a few key pointers. This is exactly what you’ll find in the Omaha Holdem Casino Prep Kit.

Immediately after clicking the ADD TO CART button above and checking out, you will be able to download the Prep-Kit zip file containing the following printable Excel calculators and PDF files:

Acronyms: PLO = “Pot-Limit Omaha”, FL = “Fixed Limit”, SHC = “Starting Hands Charts”, BSS = “Big-Stack Strategy”, SSS = “Short-Stack Strategy”

Money-Management Calculators

Calculators and Tables for Omaha Hold ’em Cash Games and Tournaments

Omaha Starting-Hands Charts and Tactical Advice

Key Statistics (see also: Starting-Hands Charts)


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