• Player-Profiling Stats for Texas Holdem

Player Profiling Statistics for Texas Holdem


Accurately assessing your opponents at the Texas Holdem tables = long-term profit!

This printable table of Player Profiling Statistics for Texas Holdem contains an overview of the key stats you'll need to maximize your edge at the poker tables: pre-flop raise (PFR) frequency and how often your opponents voluntarily put money in the pot (VP$IP) as well as post-flop aggression and other percentages that are crucial for correct player profiling.

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Product Description

Trusting your gut and instincts at the Texas Holdem poker tables is important, but understanding just a few key preflop and postflop stats is crucial for correctly profiling your opposition’s style (TAG or LAG—tight or loose aggressive—Rock, etc.) and skill level. This printable table contains an overview of the key Player profiling Statistics for Texas Holdem you’ll need to assess the players at your full-ring and 6-max poker tables correctly, and adjust your game accordingly in order to maximize your profit:

  • Pre-flop raise (PFR) percentage
  • Voluntarily put money in the pot (VP$IP): the total percentage of hands they play, either passively or aggressively pre-flop
  • Attempt to steal (ATS) the blinds with an open raise from late position or the small blind
  • Folding in the blinds vs. steal raises
  • Post-flop aggression (AG)
  • Folding vs. continuation bets (Cbet)
  • Went to showdown (WTS): how often a player shows down his or her hand on the river


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