• Poker Bet Sizing Calculator

Poker Bet Sizing Calculator


Use this poker bet sizing calculator to maximize your profits with optimal bet sizes and ensure that your opponents don't have the pot odds they need to call when they're drawing against you. This equity calculator for 2bets, 3bets, 4bets, and 5bets all-in also calculates the fold equity you need when making a bluff bet or raise.

Scroll down to get all the details and multiple video overviews on these poker equity calculators for fixed-limit, pot-limit, and no-limit Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw and 5-Card Stud poker games, including the fold equity you need to bluff.

Product Description

With this poker bet sizing calculator, you will know exactly how much you should bet or raise with respect to your goals in any poker hand or game. Pros always know the odds they’re both getting and giving and the respective equity and fold equity needed to make consistently profitable moves. This knowledge can be yours with only a bit of practice using this poker equity calculator for fixed-limit, pot-limit, and no-limit poker games.

Instructional videos on how to utilize this poker bet sizing calculator with equities for Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, 7-Stud, 5-Card Draw/Stud cash games and tournaments.


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