• Comprehensive Texas Hold 'em Key Statistics

Comprehensive Preflop to River Stats for Texas Holdem


Real poker pros know the numbers, and this compilation of preflop to river stats for Texas Holdem gives you all you'll need to know about Holdem statistics at a glance.

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Product Description

This massive collection of preflop to river stats for Texas Holdem will put you miles ahead of most opponents you’ll ever face. These printable tables include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive stats tables for preflop holdings and the outlook from the flop to river.
  • Total hole-card combinations per hand type and grouping
  • Deal probabilities with 5 and 7 cards for high and low poker games
  • Likelihood of being out kicked with Ax hands or facing an over pairs when holding pocket pairs at heads-up to full-ring tables
  • Probabilities of hitting favorable and unfavorable flops with various pre-flop holdings
  • What to expect on the flop, turn and river in the long run
  • How often your opponents will miss the flop when they are on random hands
  • Runner-runner draws
  • And much more!



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