• Short Stack Resteal Ranges for Texas Holdem

Short Stack Resteal Ranges for Texas Holdem


Don't get pushed around in the blinds. Fight back with this printable chart at your side. Scroll down to get the details on short stack resteal ranges for Texas Holdem.

Product Description

A “steal raise” is when it is folded around to you in late position and you make an open raise in order to “steal” the blinds. This does not have to be a bluff, but it can be. Knowing that most good players play much wider ranges in late position you can reraise or make a 3bet “resteal” as a response. This table of short stack resteal ranges for Texas Holdem shows you with mathematical precision how you can very profitably adjust your resealing ranges in accordance with different player types.

This printable table contains short-stack steals and resteal push ranges for increasing your edge in the late-phases of tournaments and “blind battles” in Texas Hold ’em cash games. Once you reach the higher limits, steals and blind battles become a huge part of your long term winnings.


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