• Texas Holdem flop stats with Ax and connectors

Texas Holdem Flop Statistics: Connectors and Ax Hands


Can you calculate whether or not a preflop call makes sense when you are holding a suited or off-suited connector or Ax hand? To do so, you need to know the Texas Holdem flop statistics and probability of hitting strong flops with those cards. You simply compare that percentage to the amount you have to call and the implied odds you have postflop based on your opponents and relative stack sizes.

These charts put all this information right at your fingertips. Scroll down for the details.

Product Description

This printable PDF of Texas Holdem flop statistics is a detailed analysis of hitting playable flops when holding suited and off-suited connectors and Ax hands preflop. This knowledge will allow you to calculate whether or not a preflop call is a profitable “speculative” move and help you minimize your losses from bleeding chips in the long run by calling and folding to flop Cbets.


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