• Texas Holdem Heads-Up Statistics

Texas Holdem Heads-Up Statistics


Pros know the numbers, especially when playing Texas Holdem at short-handed and heads-up poker tables. Can you calculate whether or not a preflop call vs. only two players makes sense when you are holding a suited or off-suited Ax hand, a pocket pair, or connectors? To do so, you need to know the probabilities of hitting strong flops with those cards, and compare that % to the amount you have to call.

These key Texas Holdem heads-up statistics put all this information right at your fingertips. Scroll down for the  details.

Product Description

These printable tables of key Texas Holdem heads-up statistics for short-handed no-limit Holdem games show you the probability of hitting a strong flop or being dominated preflop—i.e., that your opponent has a 70% or higher probability of winning against your preflop hand—when you are dealt pocket pairs, Ax hands, or connectors. Stats for 3-player games are also provided.

This printable PDF also provides you with the probability that you’re one or two opponents have completely missed the flop. Additionally, it contains a comprehensive starting-hands chart for heads-up play from the small blind and big blind, including 3betting, 4betting and all-in ranges in Texas Holdem.


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