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Texas Holdem Key Statistics Package

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Get a solid foundation in the key stats for Texas Holdem in the shortest amount of time. The Texas Holdem Key Statistics Package consists of over 30 printable pages containing the majority of downloadable Texas Hold 'em PDF files provided in the Poker-Strategy Shop.

Purchased individually, the total value of all these products is over $200, but you can download them all right now in one file for only $97 … a discount of over 50%! See below for the incredible list of what you get.

Product Description

Many recreational poker players and even some seasoned players can markedly improve their results in live and online card rooms with only limited study and a few key pointers. This Texas Holdem Key Statistics Package, is a compilation of over 35 printable PDFs of key preflop and postflop stats and tables for all aspects of the game. They are very user friendly and easy to use during real-time play at online casinos or for a quick review of the main points before going to battle in live card rooms.

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Acronyms: NL = “No-Limit”, FL = “Fixed Limit”, HE = “Texas Hold ‘em”, SHC = “Starting Hands Charts”, BSS = “Big-Stack Strategy”, SSS = “Short-Stack Strategy”

Key Statistics Package for Texas Hold ’em

  1. Comprehensive preflop-to-river stats
  2. FL HE expected value (EV) overview of millions of preflop real-money starting hands
  3. HE preflop win probabilities (matchups) for specific hands in heads-up and multi-way pots
  4. Player-profiling statistics for Texas Hold ’em
  5. HE preflop equity table vs your opponents’ entire ranges in heads-up pots
  6. NL HE ranges: likelihood of flopping high-equity hands
  7. NL HE steal open-push ranges: Sklansky-Chubukov numbers
  8. NL HE steals and resteals table for the SSS
  9. NL HE hitting playable flops with Ax and connectors
  10. NL HE hitting playable flops with connectors
  11. NL HE hitting playable flops with pairs and Ax hands
  12. Stats for Heads-Up and Short-Handed Play
  13. Bet-sizing and break-even equities PDF overview
  14. Big-Stack Strategy Betting Equity and EV Analyses for Texas Hold ‘em
  15. Probabilities and odds against table
  16. NL HE outs and equity table


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