• Probabilities of Texas Holdem preflop ranges hitting high-equity flops

Probabilities of Texas Holdem Ranges Hitting High-Equity Flops


Many people know the probability of individual hands hitting strong flops, but Texas Holdem card sharks also know the likelihood that an entire range of preflop hands has connected with the flop. These printable tables of Texas Holdem ranges hitting high-equity flops give you that expert information at a glance.

Product Description

These printable tables show you the probability of Texas Holdem ranges hitting high-equity flops in different “board-texture” scenarios. For example, the likelihood of a high-equity flop for a tight preflop raiser can be very different on a flop with only low cards than a so-called “Broadway flop” with three cards of ten to ace. This is very advanced stuff, but if you have a good idea if an opponent has hit the flop hard given his entire range of preflop Holdem hands and his style, you’ll have a huge edge on most of the competition you’ll face at the cash-game and tournament poker tables.


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